Australia’s Young Women Need You

Take charge to make change – become part of the So Brave breast cancer fundraising movement.

Australia’s Young Women Need You

Take charge to make change – become part of the So Brave breast cancer fundraising movement.

Take charge. Make change.

It may be small change for you, but we know funding research, education, and raising awareness makes a big change for the lives of young Australian women.

So Brave aren’t your regular breast cancer charity.

We’ve gone a step further beyond simple fundraising to also include community building, education in schools, creating resources, providing support, raising awareness through advocacy, empowering young women, and sharing our stories – all while still raising money for breast cancer research.

And, most importantly, we exist to empower young breast cancer survivors.

Our incredible So Brave Ambassadors share their stories so that other young women feel supported. By giving a voice to young breast cancer survivors, we have created a platform for vital education, empowerment, and transformation.

Ultimately, we’d love to see breast cancer cured or prevented.

In the meantime, we fund vital breast cancer research, and reach out to young women and their communities to raise awareness about breast cancer in Australian women under 40. We also educate girls and young women about body image, breast health, and self-empowerment.

So Brave can’t do any of that without funding.

Host your own fundraiser and help us make change for the future.

Here’s how your dollars work

 All funds raised go directly to:

Empowerment for the young women of Australia to create a future promoting health advocacy in the younger generation by eliminating the stigmatised discussions around physical and mental health


Connection, support, resourcing and building for young women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 40, and their families and communities


Education for High School and University students around body image, breast health, self-empowerment, and self-advocacy


Scientific and medical research towards prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of breast cancer for young women



We’re full of ideas! If you know you’d like to become part of So Brave’s fundraising efforts, here are just a couple of easy, fun ways to start. 

breast-cancer-foundation (1)


If you love hosting events or have a special milestone coming up, this is your time to shine! Download the So Brave Fundraising Kit below, decide what kind of fundraiser you’d like to run, and register as a So Brave fundraising host.



Time to gather your community and have some fun – all while raising money to support So Brave’s goals of empowerment, education, research, and community. Remember to share your fundraising campaign far and wide!


Donate Now

So Brave keeps operational costs low to ensure that all money raised goes where it will have the most impact. All funds raised go directly to supporting survivors, education encouraging early detection and critical research projects.


Get Connected

The So Brave Connect program provides support and connection for women with breast cancer who were diagnosed before they turned 40. So many young women are being diagnosed each year and we want to make sure they are supported an acknowledged.


Brave You

Brave You has been established an empowered the younger women in our community. It is an advisory committee and social group focused on peer-to-peer support and educating young adults on breast awareness and health.


Shop Now

So Brave relies on annual calendar sales to raise funds towards empowerment, education, research, and connection. Buy some as gifts for family and friendsor sign up as a consignee to sell calendars in your community on our behalf.